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DONE Sending...

kathie | Reply 08.03.2014 20.08

Misty, I know the puppy will bring you a lot of love for many years to come.
Thank you for buying a puppy from us, looking forword to meeting you.

Misty | Reply 06.03.2014 20.27

Hi, Kathy,
I spoke to you earlier today. My husband and I have definitely decided that we want a female black/tan puupy from one of the litters. Can't wait!

Sue Quackenbos | Reply 24.02.2014 15.49

Hi Kathie,
I called you last week regarding one of the female pups born on Feb.14th. Do you ever have short haired mini doxies? What is price of male puppy? ty!

kathie Druss 08.03.2014 19.54

I don't breed for long hair. Sometimes I will get one in a litter.
I charge $450.00 for all my pups that are black ad tan. Pattern coats cost a little more.

Kathie | Reply 15.02.2014 19.51

I have a litter of 4 black and tan longhair females. They were born on Valentines Day. They are going to be tiny Call if you want to be added to the list.

Gail | Reply 21.12.2013 19.01

hi there! how many times a year are litters born? We are very interested in a puppy, but we aren't in a hurry. looking for a summer time frame.

kathie 08.03.2014 20.20

Gail The puppies I have now the puppies I have are going for $450.00,
They won't be able to go until early summer. Let me know ,because my pups move fast.

Tammy | Reply 03.09.2013 11.45

the puppies are just adorable. my husband wants one so bad but they are just to much for us to afford.

Dawn | Reply 13.08.2013 23.07

Great people with great pups! This is Asher's "birth place"

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16.04 | 18:47

Yes they are still here. They are at such a cute stage in their life, I wish I could keep them all. I really would love to see them all have their new homes.

08.04 | 13:07

Hi Sharon
All my dogs are checked out before breeding and the pups are checked out before they leave me. The get their first shots and a signed health cert.

08.04 | 12:57

The litter with the 4 females that were born on Feb.14th 3 of them are still available. And the second litter, the red is spoken for and 1 male.

07.04 | 09:08

Are puppy 3 or 4 in this litter available? I grew up with a Standard(21yrs when she passed). I've been looking for the right lap/adventurer/family pet. :)

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